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kaijumama asked:

So depressed you can't ship to the USA! Your unicorn drop polish is amazing <3 Do you think you will begin shipping international again anytime soon?

Sorry our postal laws here are strict and with nail polish being flammable it is illegal to send it overseas. Some people risk it but the fines aren’t worth the risk to me. I am working on a solution of shipping larger quantities via a courier company to a distributor and hope to have some news soon. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for announcements :)

These are the latest 6 polishes added to my etsy store I am Australian based and while I did have international postage I’ve taken the option down for a while and I’ve had a few people upset about that. I hope to have it back soon once I work out a few postage hiccups and hopefully a better international service than ever! Sorry for the inconvenience

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